Never Get frustrated when a problem occurs, fix it!



Today was a good day although went down. This only sent a major signal to me that let me know to take the next move and build my business outside of Instagram because obviously they don’t want us to leave their domain. I get it now, loud and clear.

The longer we stay on their site the longer we pay for their advertisement and we pay for their ads.

well that stops today for me Im not branding Instgram nor am I branding anymore im using my name and thats Reginald Saunders ..

My advice to you is buy your name (domain)  and brand yourself because GOD forbids if instagram shuts down how will you stay in contact with all of your friends and loved ones when you only know a screen name,.

Pay attention today was a big wake up call for me


Looking to start a team of winners

When I decided to make a change everything happened in and at the right time. You cant Force GODs timing no matter how hard you try, you’ll always be wrong . Im excited to share with the world what it takes to win. Ive recently stated a new team of winners and some have already agreed to join forces with me to shock the world letting them know that despite what your past looks like you can still change it all around. Quick question, do you or anybody you know needs to lose 5lbs in 5 days or would like to earn and extra 500-1000 a week? If you answered yes, I want you to look at my 40 day transformation below and call that number on the flyer below. be prepared to write down some important notes..  After you’ve heard everything I’d love to speak with you so you can get started, send an email over to and Ill get back with you as soon as possible. The Time is now dont miss this wave!

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A trip to the movies


So I took a trip to the movies the other day by myself to see THE JOKER and I know I said perviously I haven’t been in the picture taking mood so I felt as if I owed you an up to date pic of what I was looking like with this new weight 26lbs down to be exact :-),  so here you go! Looking good right , thanks lol ….. Im currently swamped with work today so I just wanted to get back in the groove of talking here since i’ve been so busy so I guess I will talk to you later, back to work I go see you all soon,. #reginaldsaunders BTW the movie was alright just felt like it took way to long to get to the point. It was completely long at end I was almost sleepy but I ended up staying up to see the final scene I give it 3 stars! #thejoker

living my best life

I know I haven’t written in a while, don’t hold it against me. So where do I start?  its been a helluva journey for 2019 and it still continues. Waking up every morning crushing goals of course and I’ve been procrastinating writing to you all.  Geesh, Im so excited to be building my business 1EyeopenMedia and building me too.

When I say building me Ive started a fast ,and i have never done this before. Im currently not eating for 40 days and today is day 22, and it hasn’t been that bad honestly. I’ve learned so much about people and also I’ve learned alot about me as well. while experiencing it all, here below is what I looked like when I started. Im sure you can see that pudge although I was trying to cover it with my black shirt lol



I was weighing 210 and on the 20th day after I weighed myself, only because so many people had been telling me they noticed a difference, and was wondering if I got a surgery or where did my stomach go, I jumped on the scale and it read


I haven’t really been in the picture taking mood to show you the new me but I look and feel great, one thing I can say about this its been more mental than anything . Just seeing so much food and fighting the temptation.

Yesterday I was in Whole Foods buying my juices because of course I don’t have time to make the juice because im so busy with work. I begin telling the young lady at the counter how much weight I lose she asked how and I told her.

I pointed out what natural juices I was drinking and I explained to her I was also taking an an all natural energy pill to give me the energy that also helped me to burn the calories without the gym because I needed something to keep me upbeat. Can you Imagine going cold turkey one day not eating food and fasting for 40 days?

Believe it or not it wasn’t about weight loss for me it was more for clarity, discipline , growth and my evolution for 2020, Testing my Strength and Faith.

stay tuned for updated pics of me , about the product that helped me on this spiritual wave and also what else I have planned for 2020 its about to amazing. Im over excited to tell you all ,but I don’t want to give it all away. #reginaldsuanders

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You can win with social media



Social media challenges us and its all for the better. Are you trying to building your audience or brand? Well here’s what you need to know. Being authentic is key.  Everyone loves you more when you’re being relatable or just being transparent. Just think about it, we’re living in a world where you can be just about anybody you want on social media, but nobody wants to hear the same story about the perfect marriage, the dog, and the white picket fenced house anymore. The internet has emerged to the absolute opposite, people wanna see THE REAL SHIT so they follow that person who they truly can relate to. The person who can say what the viewer is afraid to say. That bold person who talks the most shit, but who can also back it up. As we revamp and build our site stay tuned for more informative videos and topics that you’re gonna love! Subscribe to my youtube channel up top and Follow us on social media at @reginaldsaunders and @1eyeopenmedia #reginaldsaunders #1eyeopenmedia